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Cyber Security
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With our expertise we create security solutions which are robust and easy to use, leveraging leading open source technology. We’re specialists in integrating our solutions seamlessly into the clients' infrastructure.
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Firmware Development

We bring open-source firmware to your hardware. Proprietary firmware often leads to problems during board bring-up and frustrating debug circles. Instead, we utilize existing open-source solution which offers faster development, lower maintenance costs, and more flexibility to fit your needs.


Firmware Security

We provide consulting for Trusted Computing technology like Intel TXT, ARM TrustZone and TPMs. We have experience in implementation and verification of cryptographic algorithms and protocols. We evaluate software and systems, develop security targets and verify implementations fulfill these.


Automated Testing

Firmware Testing is pain. We provide Firmware Testing services, which ensure that your firmware is always stable and completely tested. We offer various test depths for different architectures. Contact us if you want to know more about raising your firmware testing to a new level.


Open-Source Community

It’s not just that we are working hard to improve open source tools like coreboot and LinuxBoot by integrating our work back into the community projects — we also organize hackathons to bring community members as well as company representatives together to share their thoughts and further push the different projects. In order to pursue this goal in an even more focused manner, 9elements Cyber Security is organizing the annually Open Source Firmware Conference.


LinuxBoot Development

LinuxBoot is an open-source alternative bootloader. It runs a linux environment in the firmware, which allows server users to easily customize your own boot scripts and add more security on top of your firmware.



We offer a wide spectrum of coreboot workshops, either in our office or at the customer site. If you want to get started with open source firmware development, or deep dive into a specific topic - we got you covered. Within our training we deliver important theoretical background, mixed with practical exercises.



Our Conference

If you want to meet us and chat a bit about our work, visit us at one of our conferences below. We are passionate to share our knowlegde and bring 
like-minded people together.

Open Source Firmware Conference

Clients we partnered with:

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9elements security department is incredibly competent in firmware development and their people are a pleasure to work with. They have been and continue to be instrumental in our effort to bring increased security and transparency to our infrastructure.
Fredrik Stromberg Mullvad Founder

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