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We are working together with leading IT organizations worldwide. With our ambitious clients we constantly push the boundaries. Our work is based on trusted partnership and respect for one anothers' expertise.

Christian Walter
Philipp Deppenwiese
Jens Drenhaus
Marcello Bauer
Lean Sheng Tan
Patrick Rudolph
»Weeks of Coding can save Hours of Planning«
Kai Michaelis
Patrik Tesarik
Christopher Meis
Jonas Löffelholz
Arthur Heymans
Christoph Lange
Marvin Drees
»It's funny because it's true.«
Angel Pons
Maximilian Brune
Fabian Wienand
David Milosevic
Alexander Hansen

Cyber Security

Open-Source Firmware Developer

  • full-time
  • Bochum

Open-Source Firmware Test Engineer

  • full-time
  • Bochum

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