What we have done?

Our open-source firmware trainings are typically structured into two parts. A theoretical and a practical hands-on part. Those require hardware to work on. Therefore we ported coreboot on the AAEON UP² computing module.

We implemented the following additional features:

  • TPM CRB interface driver
  • Intel Platform Trust Technology (iTPM) driver
  • Verified and Measured Boot functionality
  • Serial Console (UART0) support
  • Tested with LinuxBoot or Linux payload
  • Documentation

Why is it important?

If it comes to open-source firmware trainings, it is important to have a small form factor platform which is affordable but supports a rich set of features required within the workshop.

We decided to go with the UP² because it has support for open-source firmware like TianoCore or slimbootloader. So we could gain better insight how things work internally on the Intel Apollolake platform.

It shows again how cost-efficient hardware platforms can be ported even without datasheets or schematics. Going the open-source firmware road is an essential path in eliminating high cost firmware development and creating transparency for customers.

Where can you find out more?

The source code is already merged in the upstream coreboot. Just check it out and have fun! If you are interested in our coreboot firmware trainings, just get in touch with us!