The Open Source Firmware Conference 2019 is over. We had a couple of weeks for our impressions to settle - and we are still thrilled. This year's OSFC took place in Silicon Valley, San Francisco from September 03 - 06, with talks on numerous topics, a lot of hardware hacking, some free hardware and a lot of interesting discussions. We kept the decision from last year to split up the OSFC into a conference part with talks and a hackathon with some lightning talks and a lot of discussions and hacking fun.

The Conference

The conference took place at the Google MP1 and MP3 buildings. This year was the first time that we also hosted a BMC track which tend to attract a lot of listeners. We also kept the Security and Main Track similar to last year.

This year's keynote was held by Ron Minnich. He presented a personal summary of coreboot formerly known as LinuxBIOS due to the 20th anniversary of coreboot. Over the time span of two days, we were able to listen to 43 interesting talks. On the second conference day, we also had a nice BBQ directly at the venue.

The Hackathon

The hackathon this year was co-hosted by our friends at Facebook MPK60. The first day consists of 11 lightning talks, paired with hours of hardware hacking, discussion and possible insights into open source firmware projects. Stefan Reinhauer even brought a dozen of free hardware to take home.

The second day was pure hacking fun. We had plenty of time to work on various open source projects and lots of conversations.

We like to thank our sponsors, Facebook and Google for co-hosting us and all 248 open source enthusiasts again for attending. Videos will be available within the next month. Planning for the OSFC 2020 has just begun - We will make sure to keep you updated!