It is official now - We joined the OpenComputeProject and applied for a community level membership tier!

The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) was initiated by Facebook in 2011 with a mission to apply the benefits of open source and open collaboration to hardware and rapidly increase the pace of innovation in, near and around the data center’s networking equipment, general-purpose and GPU servers, storage devices and appliances, and scalable rack designs. OCP’s collaboration model is being applied beyond the data center, helping to advance the telecom industry & EDGE infrastructure.

We always have been huge fans of open-source and free software. We are working together with companies from the OCP now for many years, and are also thrilled about the idea of open hardware. We had the chance to work with those platforms and really enjoyed it. We do think that the OpenComputeProject is pushing open hardware and open system firmware to new levels, and we decided to support this effort not only by supporting OCP members in the hardware bring-up, but also we want to be part of that movement.

Thus we decided to underline our sympathy for the project and join the OCP. Of course, our main focus here is to move open system firmware further, but also support the other initiatives within the OCP. We are a constant member of the OCP System Firmware Calls (Happening Bi-weekly on Thursday 7.00 pm CEST).

If you are interested in the OCP itself check out the OCP Homepage. More details about the Open System Firmware Group can be found here. If you are interested in OCP Hardware or services related to Open System Firmware - feel free to ping us.